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CoverKreiner, Josef (Ed.)
The Impact of Traditional Thought on Present-Day Japan

1996 • ISBN 978-3-89129-491-8
236 S., geb., EUR 45,-

Monographien aus dem Deutschen Institut für Japanstudien  (Bd. 11)

This volume deals with interdisciplinary research on the cultural and ideological causes for - and reasons behind - economic growth in East and Southeastern Asia, especially in Japan. The contributions discuss the assumption that - similar to European industrialization and modernization where, according to Max Weber, the inner-worldly ethos of Protestantism was the decisive factor - there must habe been a comparable spiritual basis underlying the successful modernisation of Japan and some other countries in East and Southeastern Asia.


  • KREINER, Josef: Introduction
  • DORE, Ronald: Confucianism, Economic Growth and Social Development
  • TU, Wei-ming: The Confucian Dimension in the East Asian Development Model
  • KIM, Kyong-Dong: Confucianism and Modernization in East Asia: Theoretical Explorations
  • DUMOULIN, Heinrich: Tradition and Modernity in Japanese Buddhism Today
  • SCHEPERS, Gerhard: Shinran's Thought in Present-Day Japan
  • OBAYASHI, Taryo: Shintô and Buddhism in Japan
  • ASHKENAZI, Michael: Some Influences of Shintô on Japanese Business Practices
  • SENDA, Minoru: Taoist Roots in Japanese Culture
  • GEBHARDT, Lisette: The Peachblossom Utopia: Taoist Thought in Modern Japanese Literature
  • KUBO, Noritada: Taoist Influence on Modern Japan
  • FRANK, Ronald: Traditional Legal Thought and Present-Day Law


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