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CoverWolff, Klaus Dieter (ed.)
Autonomy and External Control. The University in Search of the Golden Mean

1997 • ISBN 978-3-89129-541-0
183 + xxxviii  S., kt. · EUR 19,50
(Erfurter Beiträge zur Hochschulforschung und Wissenschaftspolitik, hg. von Wolff, K. D., Bd. 2)

The subtitle clearly implies that it is not simply a matter of either/or, but a case of finding the right balance. The starting point suggests that the closer this proportion approximates to the »golden mean«, the better it will be for the university to be able to fulfil its tasks in research and education and its other commitments to society. However, exactly how the university will search for, find and eventually adopt its ideal position with regard to its political, social economic and cultural roles in its spheres of influence, is for each university to decide for itself: universities in European democracies are called upon to carry out this venture for themselves.
The group offering contributions to the volume comprises of leading representatives from universities in central eastern Europe as well in central and western Europe.
The enclosed Erfurt Declaration on University Autonomy unanimously adopted by the reporting national representatives draws outlines of the responsible university of the 21st century.

Wolff, K. D.: Preface · Schuchardt, G.: Autonomy as constant dialogue. Opening address · Erichsen, H.-U.: Autonomy and Responsibility. Appeal for a self-determined initiative · Lullies, St.: Setting up checks and balances. National approaches to autonomy of universities. Synopsis of the case studies · Aaviksoo, J.: Autonomy and the need for a stable environment. A case study of the University of Tartu, Estonia · Bukovsky, L.: Autonomy and transparency. A case study of Pavol Safarik University, Kosice, Republic of Slovakia · Chmielecka, E. / Osterczuk, A. M.: The price of autonomy. Developments in University Government Relations in Poland (based on a case study from the Warsaw School of Economics) · Kovár, R.: The developing framework of autonomous action. A case study of the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic · Hecht, G.: From direct state control to limited self-government. Case study of the Technical University of Chemnitz, Saxony · Krumins, J. / Miljan, T.: Autonomy and Interdependence at the University of Latvia · Pavilionis, R.: Autonomy as a learning process. Statement based on the experience of Vilnius University, Lithuania · Zgaga, P.: Autonomia not Autarkia. A case study from Slovenia (University of Ljubljana) · Alderman, G.: From elitist self-regulation to a marketable commodity. British Universities and the illusions of academic autonomy in a democratic society · Ginkel, H. van: Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Universities serving society · Petersen, N.: Autonomy and professionalism. Danish Higher Education and the problems of state interference · Wolff, K. D.: University in search of the Golden Mean. Strategies for strengthening the standing of universities in society · »Towards the Responsible University of the Twenty-first Century«: The Erfurt Declaration on University Autonomy


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