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CoverAlbach, Horst (eds.); Carus, Horst G.; Futagami, Kyôichi; Waragai, Tomoki
Currency Appreciation and Structural Economic Change. A Comparison of Experiences with Yen and Deutschmark Appreciation
Proceedings of a German-Japanese Workshop held at Waseda University, Tokyo, September 17th and 18th, 1996

1998 • ISBN 978-3-89129-659-2
XI+200 S., kt. · EUR 17,-

(Schriften des Japan-Zentrums der WHU Koblenz)

How do Countries and Firms cope with structural change caused by currency revaluation? - This was the question asked of the participants of a joint Waseda-WHU-Conference held in Tokyo in 1996. This volume contains the papers presented, the statements by the discussants, and a summary of results.

Part I: Deutschmark Appreciation and the German Economy · Part II: Yen Appreciation and the Japanese Economy · Part III: A Comparison of Structural Impacts of Currency Appreciation


  • Titzrath, Alfons: Deutschmark Appreciation and Economic Policy
  • Schmidt, Klaus-Dieter: Deutschmark Appreciation and Structural Economic Change - An Overview of Economic Structural Reports
  • Frenkel, Michael: European Monetary Union and Economic Change
  • Streib, Folker: European Monetary Union and Economic Change - A Practitioner's View
  • Tateishi, Nobuo: The Appreciation of the Yen and Its Impact on Omron Management
  • Furukawa, Akira: Impact of endaka on the Japanese Economy - Introduction of Analyses in the Economic Whitepapers
  • Waragai, Tomoki: Farming Out of Japanese Industry - A Statistical Analysis of Structural changes
  • Suzuki, Toshio A.: The Impact of High Yen Appreciation on the Labour Market in Japan
  • Hosoya, Yûji: Currency Fluctuation and International Trade Policy (Comment: Gerhard Hinterhäuser)
  • Taya, Teizô: Appreciation and International Capital Flow - Case Study: Japan
  • Stechow, Andreas v.: The Impact of Yen Appreciation on German Firms in Japan (Comment: Wolfgang Haas)
  • Nagaoka, Sadao: Currency Appreciation and Trade and Industrial Performance of Japan - A Note from a Comparative Perspective
  • Lee, Eugene H.: The Impact of Yen Appreciation on Siemens Medical in Japan (Comment: Ludwig Bonacker)Yamaguchi, Kanzô


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