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CoverMatsumaru, Hisao / Röllicke, Hermann-Josef (Hg.)
Hōrin, Bd. 20 (2019)
Vergleichende Studien zur japanischen Kultur. Comparative Studies in Japanese Culture. Eine Veröffentlichung des EKŌ-Hauses der Japanischen Kultur e.V., Düsseldorf

2020 · 234 Seiten, kt. · 35,— EUR
ISBN 978-3-86205-144-1


This volume assembles contributions to two interdisciplinary and buddhological symposia of the Ekō Centre of Japanese Culture that were conducted in close connection with each other under the same topic, “What is Mahāyāna? And what are Mahāyāna scriptures?”, in August 2015 and in April 2016, complemented by another article that originally had not been part of these conferences but belongs to the wider horizon of the same question. – As both conferences, due to the participation of a broad international audience, were held in English, the publications of this volume are also in English.


  • Hermann-Josef Röllicke: Short exposition of the conference topic: “What is Mahāyāna? And what are Mahāyāna scriptures?”
  • Jens-Uwe Hartmann: The earliest “Mahāyāna” sūtra manuscripts and what they tell us
  • Andrea Schlosser: Mahāyāna features in early Kharoṣṭhī manuscripts from Gandhāra
  • Lore Sander: Mahāyāna and Śrāvakayāna reflected by manuscripts from Kučā and Khotan
  • Jowita Kramer: The Characteristics of the Mahāyāna According to the Yogācāras
  • Vincent Eltschinger: Mahāyāna Apologetics between Prophecy and History
  • Hermann-Josef Röllicke: What is the meaning of dhāraṇi when translated into China?
  • Hiromi Habata: Mahāsūtra and "Mahāyānasūtra"
  • Paulus Kaufmann: Kūkai on the Mahāyāna between Hīnayāna and Mantrayāna
  • Gregor Paul: Gomyō’s 護命 (750–834) explanation of Xuanzang’s inference as an attempt to justify the Hossō-shū concept of Mahāyāna
  • Jorinde Ebert: Monumental Praṇidhi Paintings in Kucha and Turfan
  • Dennis Hirota: The Nature of Mahāyāna in Shinran
  • Yoshiyuki Inoue: The Basis of Mahāyāna—Shinran’s Understanding of the One Buddha Vehicle, the Vow


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