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CoverMöhwald, Ulrich
Changing Attitudes towards Gender Equality in Japan and Germany

2002 • ISBN 978-3-89129-870-1
148 S., kt. · EUR 14,-

Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien (Hg.): Japan und Europa / Japan and Europe / Nichi-Ô kôryushi • hikaku kenkyû

The paper deals with the change and structure of attitudes concerning gender roles and gender equality in Japan and Germany after World War II and gives us insight into long-term processes of changes in gender-related attitudes in highly industrialized societies. Nevertheless, in the case of Japan, we have to take into account a number of peculiarities that set her apart from other highly industrialized societies. Möhwald compares the differences and similarities in the development of gender-related attitudes in Japan and Germany based on an exploratory and interpretative analysis of opinion poll data since the early 1950s.

1. Introduction • 2. The Change of Values Concerning Gender Equality in Japan during the Post-War Era • 3. Attitudes towards Gender Equality in the Survey of the German Institute for Japanese Studies • 4. Attitudes Concerning Gender Equality in Germany • 5. A Comparison of the Structure of Gender-role Consciousness in Germany and Japan • 6. Conclusion • Bibliography


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